What Do We Offer?

Why choose ASTUTE Care & Services?

  • We provide personal care and support
  • We can help with cooking and cleaning
  • We can provide live in care
  • We can support people to get out an about
  • We can support you to have a holiday
  • We can enable family to have a break from caring (respite care)
  • We provide end of life care 
  • We care for people with dementia and Alzheimer's
  • We do day and night sitting service
  • We do getting up service
  • We do laundry service
  • Provide personal care to our service users within the definition and scope determined by the regulatory body
  • Promote independent living, working within the service users' range of abilities and competences
  • Provide a high quality flexible, responsive and non-intrusive service tailored to the needs of the individuals
  • Highly trained, screened and credentialed healthcare professionals
  • Free in-house consulatiopn
  • 24-hour services including all holidays and weekends
  • Regular assessments by management to ensure client satisfaction